Songs For Laura Vol. 2: CD
  • Songs For Laura Vol. 2: CD

Songs For Laura Vol. 2: CD

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Songs For Laura Volume 2 1.Nightsong Heather & The Barbarians 2.Lonely Spires Rachel Ries 3.Teresa Peter Bradley Adams 4.Warrior Larkin Gayl 5.Harbor Saints Michael Zapruder 6.Slow Alexis Harte 7.Sleep Late Quincy Coleman 8.Strangers Kris Delmhorst 9.It's So Hard To Let Go The Blank Tapes 10.The River Samantha Crain 11.Houston The Bittersweets 12.Take Me In Your Arms Jesse Aycock 13.Blackwing Butterfly Noelle Hampton 14.Soul Parade Jesse DeNatale 15.Sweet Girl Will Conner 16.Dancer Jared Tyler 17.Leave My Man Alone Clare Muldaur 18.Goodbye Blues Easton Stagger Phillips 19.Gospel Song Carrie Elkin 20.Cup of Codeine JT And The Clouds 21.Mehitabel's Blues Jolie Holland 22.All The Pretty Girls Leave Town Tim Easton

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