From the recording Not Afraid

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Savior at The Bus Stop

I met a savior at the bus stop
She said she'd lost her faith in God
A man sitting next to her
Said it really doesn't matter
You still are who you are
She said she was a poet
But stopped writing
She had nothing more to say
He said he was a painter
But stopped painting
When all his colors turned to gray
Come and wake the world from its slumber
Come and shake us from our beds
Come and break the spell we're under
We would follow if someone led
Next to me there sat an actor
Crying to himself, sad and alone
He said he'd played so many roles
None of which he chose
And now he'd forgotten his own
I said savior have you no wisdom
to offer us before you go?
She just smiled and shook her head
Looked me in the eye and softly said
I don't know, I don't know
Cause I tried to wake the world from its slumber
I tried to shake us from our beds
I tried to brake this spell we're under
But no one followed where I led
So if you see a savior
At the bus stop
Don't expect too much
She probably has a broken heart
This world can be so hard
Seems even saviors have it rough