1. Providence

From the recording Not Afraid

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Hey, Providence come and share a chocolate sundae with me
My innocence has stood me up
There's plenty here for two
Ask the waitress for another spoon
Sit down here let her fill your coffee cup
We'll sit and watch the world go buy
Press our noses against the window pane
Sometimes this city makes me cry
But I guess I can't complain
Guess I can't complain, hey Providence?
When we're finished we can take a walk in the park
Just stroll along and feed the pigeons
It's been so long since we really had a chance to talk
I've got time now if your willing
Seems I never know
What's coming around the bend
No I never know
Hey Providence could you fill me in?
Could you fill me in Providence?
Hey thanks for stopping by
I know you've got to go
This one's on me you can get it next time
Let's not let it be so long
Cause you never know
What's coming around the bend
No you never know, you never know where, you never know when
You never know Providence