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So Nice: CD

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"Forest Sun is now my favorite new singer-songwriter. I had never heard of him, even though he has seven solo albums out on his own Painted Sun Records. How did this talented guy fall though the cracks? I'm not even sure how to describe his music because it incorporates elements of folk, pop, rock, Caribbean music, Cajun, jazz, country and blues. Did I leave anything out? Artists that he recalls include Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson, John Gorka, Todd Snider, even Van Morrison and Lyle Lovett. But I think it's more of an attitude; his songs are jaunty, timeless and spirit raising, even life-affirming. And he even has a children's album 'Just for Fun' - 'a children's album that the parents will love.' And it's true. Try to get the song "Trampoline" out of your head after just one listen. Can't do it."

Mac McDonald - Monterey Herald credits released November 8, 2016

Steve Adams -electric, upright and acoustic bass Michael Messer- drums Forest Sun -vocals, acoustic guitar, Rhodes, whistling Darren Johnston-trumpet Matt Henry Cunitz-hammond organ Joy Voeth- vocals Larkin Gayl- vocals David Phillips- Weisenborn Michael Winger- acoustic guitar Susie Davis - accordion James Riddle - accordion, Wurlitzer ALO-animal liberation orchestra –Zach Gil-piano & vocals, Dan Lebowitz-guitar & vocals, Steve Adams-bass & vocals, and Dave Brogan-drums & vocals

Copyright 2007 forestsunmusic BMI

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