Songs for Laura Vol. 1: CD
  • Songs for Laura Vol. 1: CD

Songs for Laura Vol. 1: CD

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I am immensely grateful to the all the artists who donated songs to help raise funds for cancer treatment -sean hayes,alo, brett dennen, shane alexander, matt the electrician, beth waters, tom freund, danny schmidt, aj roach, anais mitchell, alex goldfarb, devon sproule, paul curreri, gavin glass, four year bender, the mammals, elam blackman and libby kirkpatrick.

It's a wonderful compilation that i know you will love and all the proceeds go to a worthy cause. My gratitude also for everyone's love and support in the last few years as my mom fought on.

There were so many great musicians wiling to gift their music for this project that there will be more Volumes to follow. There will be concerts with the artists involved this year as well... i'll let you know.

thank you for your care,"


Songs For Laura (Volume 1) Various Artists

Flowering Spade Sean Hayes Maria Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) When I Go Brett Dennen Be kind to you Forest Sun Spaces in Between Shane Alexander Happy Ending Matt The Electrician Forms Of The Truth Beth Waters Collapsable Plans Tom Freund (w/Brett Dennen) This to Shall Pass Danny Schmidt Devil May Dance AJ Roach Mockingbird Anais Mitchell Be Water Alex Goldfarb The Weeping Willow Devon Sproule A Song On Robbing Paul Curreri Ragdoll Gavin Glass And The Holy Shakers Southern Smile Four Year Bender Haircut Money The Mammals It's Okay To Be Alone Elam Blackman Jenny's Eyes Libby Kirkpatrick

Dedicated to Laura Purusha Huge gratitude to all the Artists and their labels who donated these songs to raise funds for cancer treatment. Go check them out and buy all their records right now. Thanks to Michael Winger and Robert Cross for mastering, Bryn Bowman for cd design.

"The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darknesses. " (Kazantzakis)

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