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“When I was in art school in Barcelona I spent a lot of time in the library looking at the vast collection of Art Books. In between classes that were often taught in Catalan (instead of the Spanish I had studied and was reasonably fluent in) I would grab a bocadillo de tortilla de patata or queso manchego at the break and then find a cozy corner in the library with a giant Rothko, Goya or El Greco book. Although there is nothing like seeing a painting in person to take in its full effect (and of course while in Barcelona I made the most of museums like the Joan Miro, Picasso Museum, and I lived near Parque Güell and would often walk there) I find there is something engaging about holding a careers worth of work in your hand in book form. Slowly turning the pages. Watching the progression of ideas and styles and color and form over time. I imagined then seeing my work in book form someday. Today I am sharing just that with you. I offer you these hardbound pages of original works spanning the years- paintings, drawings, pastels and prints - for you to curl up in a comfy chair and peruse at your leisure. My art student self would be proud. I’ll meet you at the cafe later and we can talk about life and art.” -Forest Sun

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