1. Clarity

From the recording Brighter Day

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Forest Sun - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar,
Gawain Mathews - Harmony Vocals, Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Lara Louise - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Gawain Mathews and Forest Sun
Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by Gawain Mathews at Gawain Mathews Music Studio in San Pablo, Ca
Mastered By Justin Weis
All songs written by Forest Sun
Copyright 2018 forestsunmusic BMI All Right Reserved


My hand is weary on the wheel

My foot falters on the gas

Speeding in the slow lane

No one out here to pass

Clarity where have you been?

At this late hour you come waltzing in

Wearing nothing but song and a grin

Clarity where have you been?

Got no plans I cannot be late

Fill my weeks in the usual ways

There is nothing on my plate

No number to these endless days

Clarity where have you been? 

It’s hard to hear you above the din 

Harmony got kicked in the shins

Clarity where have you been?

Telling stories to myself

I guess I know where this one goes

Can’t put the blame on no one else

There are thorns on every rose

Clarity where have you been? 

This red hearts not made of flint

Colors blend when the stories spin 

Clarity where have you been?
Copyright 2018 forestsunmusic BMI)