From the recording Just Begun

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All songs recorded at WaveLab Studios, Tucson, AZ.
Produced by Forest Sun and Craig Schumacher.
Engineered and Mixed by Chris Schultz and Craig Schumacher
Jared Tyler and Jesse Aycock recorded at Blue Alleluia Studios, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Engineered by Jared Tyler.
Mastered by J.J.Golden at Golden Mastering
Winston Watson-Drums, Shaker
Fen Ikner- Bass, Vibraphone, Vocals
Michael Santander –Cello
Ingrid Serban – Vocals, Accordions, Water drum, Bowed Vibraphone, Marxophone
Jacob Valenzuela-Trumpet
Jesse Aycock – Lap steel, Pedal Steel, Vocals
Jared Tyler – Dobro, Mandolin, Vocals
Chris Schulze – Shakers, Happy Apple
Craig Schumacher – Harmonica, Organ
Forest Sun – Vocals, Acoustic, Resonator and Electric Guitars, Piano, Toy Piano
All Songs written by Forest Sun copyright 2012 forestsunmusic BMI
All Rights Reserved
Cd Layout and Design by Ryan Lopez

Nostalgic Bells
 I’ve been to heaven, and I’ve been to hell
I’ve been to Los Angeles and come under the spell
Of the sadness and the glory and the nostalgic bells
That only ring for the departed after they have fell.
And I’ve seen trouble, and I’ve known time
I’ve met a rich man who didn’t have a dime
I’ve seen the stars in the desert
Felt the moonlight shine
From the bottom of the ocean and the back of my mind
If I hold on to tightly I can’t let go and fly
If I don’t hold on at all I might just fall down and die
If I could just get it right, maybe I wouldn’t feel
Like copy of a copy that I’m to dumb to steal
If my body was the center of the phantom wheel
I’d never want for attention, maybe then I’d feel real.
If I had all the sex and money, would that be what I wanted?
If I’d just talk to my ghosts, would I still feel haunted?
If there never was a wrong choice,
Would I know what to choose?
If the only way of winning was to let myself lose?
If I take my meaning I’ll give me a lie
I can’t answer my question if all I ask is why