From the recording Just Begun

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All songs recorded at WaveLab Studios, Tucson, AZ.
Produced by Forest Sun and Craig Schumacher.
Engineered and Mixed by Chris Schultz and Craig Schumacher
Jared Tyler and Jesse Aycock recorded at Blue Alleluia Studios, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Engineered by Jared Tyler.
Mastered by J.J.Golden at Golden Mastering
Winston Watson-Drums, Shaker
Fen Ikner- Bass, Vibraphone, Vocals
Michael Santander –Cello
Ingrid Serban – Vocals, Accordions, Water drum, Bowed Vibraphone, Marxophone
Jacob Valenzuela-Trumpet
Jesse Aycock – Lap steel, Pedal Steel, Vocals
Jared Tyler – Dobro, Mandolin, Vocals
Chris Schulze – Shakers, Happy Apple
Craig Schumacher – Harmonica, Organ
Forest Sun – Vocals, Acoustic, Resonator and Electric Guitars, Piano, Toy Piano
All Songs written by Forest Sun copyright 2012 forestsunmusic BMI
All Rights Reserved
Cd Layout and Design by Ryan Lopez

It’s Good to See You

 The doors unlocked, Come on in.
I ain’t seen you since I don’t know when.
You’ve got the same clear eyes,
Same mischievous grin
It’s good to see you, it’s good to see you again.
I’ll put the kettle on
You’ve got to stay for supper
Man, it’s been so long
How’s your mama? How’s your brother?
I heard you and June split up
Never thought that would end?
It’s good to see you, It’s good to see you again.
How’d we get this old? How did time go so fast?
Are we the same two souls that used to lay ‘round in the grass
Looking for four leaf clovers
And watching the tree tops bend?
It’s good to see you, It’s good to see you again.
And those stones that looked so colorful
When you pluck them from the sand
Always look so dull and lonely
When they’ve dried off in your hand.
Nothings like I thought it would be, nothing’s like I planned.
It’s good to see you, It’s good to see you,
It’s good to see you, It’s good to see you again