From the recording Walk Through Walls

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Forest Sun -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Messer - Drums
Steve Adams- Upright Bass
David Phillips- Dobro
Erik Yates- Banjo, Accordion
Alisa Rose- Violin
Adam Roszkiewicz- Mandolin
Beth Waters and Larkin Gayl - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Forest Sun and Michael Winger
Photography by Forest Sun
Engineered by Michael Winger
Mixed by Michael Winger and Boone Spooner
All Songs Copyright 2005 forestsunmusic, BMI

Walk through walls

Everybody wants to feel those arms around them
To be rocked like a cradle by their mama, their lover or the Lord
And hearts live on no matter how you try and drown them
So throw that self-righteous self-pity overboard

You greet the dawn with such nonchalance
As if you’ve seen it all
As if such glory only happens once
As if your heart could walk through walls

Autumn chased me to Charlottesville
The first crisp days following me as I head south
Singing low rumbling harmonies
And laughing right out loud

I’ve got a lover in Carolina
She likes to call me baby doll
She’s a waitress at the anywhere diner
She’s got a heart that can walk through walls

Languid summer slowly said goodbye
With tranquil smile and hooded eyes
Still dancing to last nights music
Still waiting for the moon to rise

Dropped my life in a big blue mailbox
In an Alabama grocery store parking lot
Got in my car and just drove in circles
Trying to remember what it is I forgot

All the ghosts down in New Orleans
All the sinners in St. Paul
Do they know how much you adore them?
And that your heart can walk through walls?

Poetry isn’t always dark and romantic
Sometimes it just keeps you company
Or offers to take you out to breakfast
Maybe makes you a cup of tea

Do you ever wonder what it was that woke you?
Do you marvel that someone heard your call?
Did you ever ask her if it broke you?
The way your heart can walk through walls?