From the recording Walk Through Walls

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Forest Sun -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Messer - Drums
Steve Adams- Upright Bass
David Phillips- Dobro
Erik Yates- Banjo, Accordion
Alisa Rose- Violin
Adam Roszkiewicz- Mandolin
Beth Waters and Larkin Gayl - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Forest Sun and Michael Winger
Photography by Forest Sun
Engineered by Michael Winger
Mixed by Michael Winger and Boone Spooner
All Songs Copyright 2005 forestsunmusic, BMI

Drops in the Ocean

The doves down in south Austin
Still wake me in the morn
You’ve said so long and now you’ve gone
And my heart’s just a little bit torn
Everybody came and went
Now all my money’s spent
Got no house
Got no rent
Tried so hard didn’t even make a dent
You can’t decide if you’re on the fence
That nightingale must have been heaven sent
Just to make us laugh and wonder a bit
At loves great big ocean
We made so much love that we barely slept
So much love with no regrets
So much love we paid off our debts
We dove right in and we got wet in the ocean
In the ocean
Love’s great big ocean
We dove right in
I bought a western shirt you know the kind with snaps
And the trumpet players playing taps
It’s hard to force yourself to relax
When the future looms with impending doom
And the woman I left back in San Francisco
She’s still crying into her pillow
Four years like a blanket wrapped ‘round her shoulders
She’s still wishing that I’d hold her
And I wouldn’t mind
I wouldn’t mind
Did you ever see your reflection in a tear rolling down a freckled cheek?
Did you ever have weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks?
I drank scotch and played backgammon
Till I couldn’t keep my eyes open
Tried to let her go but I couldn’t help hoping
For a chance of what we never had
Are we throwing out the good with the bad?
I’m still smiling she’s still sad
An we’re both just drops in the ocean
In the ocean
Love’s great big ocean
Drops in the ocean
That’s all we are
Well the water forms ‘round the porch screen door
I wonder what I’m still sitting here for
Put my feet up the wall lay down on the floor
Maybe play a little piano
But the water won’t stop so I better start swimming
Tears well up I better keep grinning
The crowds shown up guess I better start singing about love’s great big ocean
Well my best friends down in Mexico
I wonder how he’s doing
I wonder if he knows
That I spent the night in a cheap motel by the side of the road?
Except that cheap motels aren’t cheap anymore
Sixty-five bucks and the toilet didn’t flush
And the TV didn’t even have a remote
Still it felt just like a boat
Out on the ocean
Floating on the ocean
Sailing on the ocean
Surfing on the ocean in my very own boat
Well I went to bed early got up late
Some folks think it’s great some folks can’t relate
Some folks dance with the devil I’d rather dance with my fate
And take the muses out to dinner
We had gospel brunch down at Maria’s
If you don’t come by later I guess I’ll see you
Somewhere down the line
Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine
Just tell me a joke
Make me laugh
I’ll be sleeping on your couch for a week and a half
I need a jump in the springs
A roll in the grass
I wonder how long I can last
In this ocean
This great big ocean
Lost in the ocean
Come on in
The waters fine
And I don’t mind