From the recording Walk Through Walls

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Forest Sun -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Messer - Drums
Steve Adams- Upright Bass
David Phillips- Dobro
Erik Yates- Banjo, Accordion
Alisa Rose- Violin
Adam Roszkiewicz- Mandolin
Beth Waters and Larkin Gayl - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Forest Sun and Michael Winger
Photography by Forest Sun
Engineered by Michael Winger
Mixed by Michael Winger and Boone Spooner
All Songs Copyright 2005 forestsunmusic, BMI

Yesterday Comes Too Soon

Here I am naked as the day I was born
Sitting on this bed in this hotel room
It don’t matter what come before
Yesterday comes to soon

I’ve got this Honda to carry me
I’ve got six strings for company
I’ve got your voice to remind me of all I left behind me

I’ve got a storage unit in San Rafael
And a host of well wishers to wish me well
I’m banging around like a clapper in a bell
Yesterday comes to soon

Yesterday it comes too soon
Try to remember December and it’s already June
Take a note from the birds and try and whistle a tune
Yesterday comes to soon

Everywhere I’ve been people’ve been so kind
given me a bed and piece of their mind
With all these pieces how do I find mine?
Yesterday comes too soon

Hell no I ain’t waiting
I’m alive and I’m celebrating
If life is a train and death is just a station
Yesterday comes too soon

Folks have given me a meal and come to see me play
And many a one has asked me to stay
I just keep rolling on my way
Yesterday comes to soon

Yesterday comes to soon
If you’re dancing like a chicken or your howling at the moon
If you’re saved or your damned either way your doomed
Yesterday comes too soon