From the recording Walk Through Walls

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Forest Sun -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Messer - Drums
Steve Adams- Upright Bass
David Phillips- Dobro
Erik Yates- Banjo, Accordion
Alisa Rose- Violin
Adam Roszkiewicz- Mandolin
Beth Waters and Larkin Gayl - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Forest Sun and Michael Winger
Photography by Forest Sun
Engineered by Michael Winger
Mixed by Michael Winger and Boone Spooner
All Songs Copyright 2005 forestsunmusic, BMI

That Kind of Blue

Railroad tracks and river bends
An unexpected call from a long lost friend
The bittersweet sadness when the story ends
Eighth notes from a saxophone
After a long trip and I’m heading home
The soft morning silence when I wake alone

That kind of blue
I can’t remember
But it makes me swear that I once knew
That kind of blue
That sings so soulful
That old melody that gospel tune
That kind of blue

Chagall windows at the institute
Chicory flowers sticking out of my boots
Playing an old piano on a rainy afternoon
The sound of the breeze as it blows
The faint hint of sandalwood and rose
I’m laughing and I’m crying because she knows

That kind of blue
I can’t hold on to
But it makes me feel I’m almost there

That kind of blue
Like the darkest midnight
I can’t see a thing but I’m not scared
That kind of blue

That kind of blue
That speaks of freedom
And calls me out from my hiding place
That kind of blue
That asks for nothing
Just lays me down, kisses my face

That kind of blue
These six strings show me
When she’s sleeping softly in the next room
That kind of blue
That lets her hold me
Then let’s me go to watch her bloom
That kind of blue