1. Coming Along

From the recording Walk Through Walls

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Forest Sun -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Messer - Drums
Steve Adams- Upright Bass
David Phillips- Dobro
Erik Yates- Banjo, Accordion
Alisa Rose- Violin
Adam Roszkiewicz- Mandolin
Beth Waters and Larkin Gayl - Harmony Vocals
Produced by Forest Sun and Michael Winger
Photography by Forest Sun
Engineered by Michael Winger
Mixed by Michael Winger and Boone Spooner
All Songs Copyright 2005 forestsunmusic, BMI

Coming Along

Where do I call home?
Where do these bones belong?
Anywhere I lay my head
Anywhere I sing my song

By and by further on
We’ll all be dead and gone
Further on by and by
Lord I don’t want to die
If you’re not coming along

Mostly I tend to struggle
Fight my way through each day
I just get myself in trouble
Delving deeper in the fray

By and by further on
It’s only bound to make me strong
Further on by and by
All I can do is try
Guess I’m coming along

Why do I make it so hard?
How stubborn can one man be?
Been round the world
While in my own back yard
You were waiting right here for me
Singing –aren’t you coming along?
Coming along