From the recording Harlequin Goodnight

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Sometimes my Mind
Sometimes my mind is a big bully
Always grabbing this moment from my hands
Never satisfied, never truly willing
How it got so stubborn I refuse to understand.
I’ve got a friend who calls me on the road
Sings me songs and asks me how I’m doing. 
I’ve got a friend who makes light of my load
She builds me up when I’m in ruins,
She builds me up when I’m in ruins.
Yellow flowers, a rusty red tin roof,
It’s a waking dream, I’m living proof.
Will I make ends meet? Will I meet my end?
If I meet my maker will he like my friends?
I’ve got a friend who calls me when she’s sad.
Says she needs some one to make her smile.
I’ve got a friend who never calls me back
And he’s still my friend though it’s been a while,
Yeah it sure has been a while.
Sometimes my mind
Is an army general stomping around making demands.
Though it tries it’s never fully able
To lay down that sword and give up command,
To ditch the chore of making plans,
To stop keeping score with every glance,
To dare the floor and really dance.

Produced by Michael Winger and Forest Sun Engineered and Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Mike Wells
Recorded at Flying Kitchen Studios,
San Francisco, CA
Except track (10) recorded at Sage Art Studios Arlington, WA engineered by Mathew Gephardt
Cello on track (4) recorded at 4th world studios in Santa Fe, NM engineered by Bill Boaz,

Steve Adams - upright and acoustic bass
Michael Messer - drums
Forest Sun - vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer (1), piano, drums (10)
Jonathan Sundeen-electric bass (10)
Matt Henry Cunitz- hammond organ (6)
Trevor Wheetman - hammond organ (10)
David Phillips- dobro (7)
Michael Kott-cello (4)
Sean Hayes-vocals (2)
Larkin Gayl-vocals (1,6)
Joy Voeth-vocals (5)
Zach Blizzard-vocals (3)
Michael Winger- wurlitzer (5), e-bowed acoustic guitar (2)

Copyright 2007 forestsunmusic BMI