From the recording Harlequin Goodnight

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Gurus and Rockstars
Gurus and rockstars, 
Airports and rental cars
Ain’t no time like now to play it out
If you’re uncertain,
Just why you’re hurtin’
Your heart would like to laugh at your doubt.
And the songs that we sing
All have dust on their wings
And most of our feathers are ruffled
No use deciding
Just keep on easy riding
And keeping your seat belt buckled.
If you don’t give a damn
Where you go, what you do, or who you are
Darlin’ I understand
Just get back in the car.           
Spend our days chasing money,
If you don’t laugh, it’s just not funny
Trying to be cool when we’re not
Late night pancakes and bacon
We all feel like were faking
Just glad when the miles have stopped
And the songs that we sing
Still make the bells ring
But we fell asleep for the sermon
When the preachers did tell
Where we’re headed, oh well
Hell is just heaven still learning
Might as well sing while we’re burning.

Produced by Michael Winger and Forest Sun Engineered and Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Mike Wells
Recorded at Flying Kitchen Studios,
San Francisco, CA
Except track (10) recorded at Sage Art Studios Arlington, WA engineered by Mathew Gephardt
Cello on track (4) recorded at 4th world studios in Santa Fe, NM engineered by Bill Boaz,

Steve Adams - upright and acoustic bass
Michael Messer - drums
Forest Sun - vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer (1), piano, drums (10)
Jonathan Sundeen-electric bass (10)
Matt Henry Cunitz- hammond organ (6)
Trevor Wheetman - hammond organ (10)
David Phillips- dobro (7)
Michael Kott-cello (4)
Sean Hayes-vocals (2)
Larkin Gayl-vocals (1,6)
Joy Voeth-vocals (5)
Zach Blizzard-vocals (3)
Michael Winger- wurlitzer (5), e-bowed acoustic guitar (2)

Copyright 2007 forestsunmusic BMI