1. Your Horizon

From the recording Harlequin Goodnight

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Your Horizon
When death is your horizon
And the life within you fades
Your sharp tongue carves your destruction
From the memories that you’ve made
A cavalcade
Time alone can heal nothing
This line only ravished by the grade
Your constant comment is a bludgeon
Your currency and trade
Lay down your burden
Lay down your heavy load
Every cell is a sun that’s bursting
Every cry is a stone in the road
Host your honor to a banquet
Another feast you will not eat
How can you warm your self with a blanket sewn of woes instead of fleece?
Where is your peace?
Lay down your burden,
Lay down your heavy load.
Every cell is a sun that’s bursting,
Every soul is a note in the code.

Produced by Michael Winger and Forest Sun Engineered and Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Mike Wells
Recorded at Flying Kitchen Studios,
San Francisco, CA
Except track (10) recorded at Sage Art Studios Arlington, WA engineered by Mathew Gephardt
Cello on track (4) recorded at 4th world studios in Santa Fe, NM engineered by Bill Boaz,

Steve Adams - upright and acoustic bass
Michael Messer - drums
Forest Sun - vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer (1), piano, drums (10)
Jonathan Sundeen-electric bass (10)
Matt Henry Cunitz- hammond organ (6)
Trevor Wheetman - hammond organ (10)
David Phillips- dobro (7)
Michael Kott-cello (4)
Sean Hayes-vocals (2)
Larkin Gayl-vocals (1,6)
Joy Voeth-vocals (5)
Zach Blizzard-vocals (3)
Michael Winger- wurlitzer (5), e-bowed acoustic guitar (2)

Copyright 2007 forestsunmusic BMI