1. Come By Me

From the recording So Nice

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Come by Me
Wake up in the morning
Something’s cooking in the oven
Come on baby come by me
You got to bring me some you got to bring me something
Come on baby come by me
Sure do love your cooking babe
I love your sugar dumplings
Come on baby come by me I may not be good looking
But I got real good lovin’
Honey baby come by me
I know you got another man but I don’t care
Come on baby come by me
Got to get me something from your frigidaire
Come on baby come by me
You can stir your pot, honey I can dip the ladle
Come on baby come by me
I like it while it’s hot, baby bring it to the table
Come on baby come by me
When were done and finished and we’re satisfied
Come on baby come by me
I can wash your dishes
Till your pots and pans shine
Come on baby come by me  

Produced by Michael Winger and Forest Sun
Engineered and Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Mike Wells
Recorded at Flying Kitchen Studios
San Francisco, Ca,
Except Loveseat recorded at Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael engineered and mixed by Dave Simon Baker

Steve Adams -electric, upright and acoustic bass
Michael Messer- drums
Forest Sun -vocals, acoustic guitar, Rhodes, whistling
Darren Johnston-trumpet
Matt Henry Cunitz-hammond organ
Joy Voeth- vocals
Larkin Gayl- vocals
David Phillips- Weisenborn
Michael Winger- acoustic guitar
Susie Davis - accordion
James Riddle - accordion, Wurlitzer
ALO-animal liberation orchestra –Zach Gil-piano & vocals, Dan Lebowitz-guitar & vocals, Steve Adams-bass & vocals, and Dave Brogan-drums & vocals