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What the Poets Know

Where would the poets be without the moon and the stars?

No bright night jewels to compare the lover’s eyes to

No twinkling company to light their dark hours

No early morning crescent to mark their dreams and moods

And if the sun always shone?

No melancholy gray

To condense their thoughts like fog

Or hot breath on a window pane

Where would the poets be without the rain?

To wet their skin

Let them begin to sprout their seed

Make them believe

Cause words pile up and hang around

Linger near the feelings where they fell

Waiting for someone to write them down

Waiting for someone with a story to tell

But there's no melody without silence

There's no rhythm without the spaces in between

What some may say is beautiful

Others think is obscene

The poets know what I mean

I know the poets know.

Forest Sun- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin,Harmonica, Rhodes, Piano, Congas, Bongos, Kazoo

Dan Foltz-Drums
Daniel Schacht-Bass
Matt Henry Cunitz - Hammond Organ, Pump Organ
Alex Budman- Saxophone, Clarinet,
Aushim Chauduri- Tabla
Kenny Annis-Sarod
Larkin Gayl, Jeremy Lindsay and Michelle McGrath -harmony vocals
Alisa Rose- Fiddle

All words and music by Forest Sun
Copyright 2001 Forest Sun Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

Produced by Forest Sun
Recorded at Painted Sun Studios (my shack in the woods), Schacht Studios and radical House(Track 9)
Track 5 contains the melody to Amazing Grace public domain)
Mastered by Ron K at Radical House, San Francisco
Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Schacht
Vocal Production - Raz Kennedy
Cover painting -Forest Sun
Layout and Design- Emil Friedlander