1. No Anchor

From the recording Plenty

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I'm not looking for an anchor

Know you only feel the current when you try to stand still

And I'm not looking for an answer

You can search all you want

But you never will touch down on ground

But I will love

And I will speak my truth, yeah

I will love, I will love you

I've walked these streets empty handed

Not knowing where I'll lay my head

But you know I've never felt abandoned

Cause the moon is my pillow

And the stars are my bed

So lay down on this ground

And we will love

We will share our truth yeah

We will love, we will love

Cause we are love

Love. Love. Love. Love.

Yes we are love

I toss my thoughts on scraps of paper

Never mind that I am lost

Some day I'll bring it all together

And pass it on before I cross

On down into the ground I will love

I will share my truth yeah

I will love, I will love you.Forest Sun- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin,Harmonica, Rhodes, Piano, Congas, Bongos, Kazoo

Dan Foltz-Drums
Daniel Schacht-Bass
Matt Henry Cunitz - Hammond Organ, Pump Organ
Alex Budman- Saxophone, Clarinet,
Aushim Chauduri- Tabla
Kenny Annis-Sarod
Larkin Gayl, Jeremy Lindsay and Michelle McGrath -harmony vocals
Alisa Rose- Fiddle

All words and music by Forest Sun
Copyright 2001 Forest Sun Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

Produced by Forest Sun
Recorded at Painted Sun Studios (my shack in the woods), Schacht Studios and radical House(Track 9)
Track 5 contains the melody to Amazing Grace public domain)
Mastered by Ron K at Radical House, San Francisco
Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Schacht
Vocal Production - Raz Kennedy
Cover painting -Forest Sun
Layout and Design- Emil Friedlander