1. On Your Shore

From the recording Not Afraid

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On Your Shore
It makes me wonder
This cosmic blunder that we are
Color blind and tone deaf
How'd we ever get this far?
The walking wounded
trying to see our way through our scars
Like ships at sea
The wind blows but our sails won't unfurl
Cast me on your shore
I care no more for this world
We have fallen from the time
When love was yours and mine
And grew freely in our hearts and in our minds
Now we must try again
To love once more my friend
There's no telling what we'll find
Cast me on your shore
I will no more look behind
Cast me on your shore
Help me ease my worried mind
We must be willing to compromise
With what we've always known
Wipe the sleep out from your eyes
Can't you feel it in your bones?
It's time we were gone
Cast me on your shore
I am waiting for the dawn
Cast me on your shore
Don't make me wait too long
Cast me on your shore
So long so long